Becoming to certain sex has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes women wish they were men and sometimes it also happens that they would never like to become males. So, what exactly are the reasons for which it is good to be a female?


The most important is the fact that women can be pregnant – men cannot even if they would like to be. Our Mother Nature decided that those are women who are better candidates for giving life to another human beings and it has to be said – this is the most beautiful in being a woman. In spite of the fact that it is also connected with lots of sacrifices and sometimes also a physical pain, women are proud of the fact that they can carry their children for several months. Moreover, females are called weaker than men, so they can count on various privileges – men have to open door for women and give them their sitting places on buses. Females are also claimed to be much more beautiful than males and different facilities come also from this fact. Pretty smile of a beautiful woman can help with getting a job or with not being given a mandate from a policeman. As we can see, some advantages are really convincing and taking them into consideration it is not strange that ladies love being ladies.