Celebrities belong to such group of our society which is constantly observed by other people. Not only are they observed by their fans, but they are also chased after by paparazzi, photographers and psycho-fans. People are aware of every step that is taken by the most popular singers or actors. Magazines publish many articles devoted to celebrities and they also add pictures not to make an article too boring and too simple. This is how show-biznes works – it is a kind of machine which is very hard to be stopped. Once people start reading those articles and watch TV programs devoted to celebrities, it is very hard to stop doing this even though it is wasting our precious time. Even if we do not want to know where a famous actress spent her holidays, we do not have any choice, because press and television are full of such news. It is also very important what celebrities wear. For many people they are a kind of inspirations – people buy the same clothes as their favorite celebrities wear, because they want to be like them. Maybe in this way they feel somehow closer to the world of money and fame. Celebrities must also take into consideration a fact that envious people are waiting for their failures so it is very important to pay the attention on what celebrities wear.

Famous people are asked to come for various parties and events, some of which are casual and some of which are more elegant. Celebrities must wear appropriate clothes in order to look good, for instance, while going through the red carpet. Not every clothes are suitable for such an occasion and they must be careful what they decide to. It is said that celebrities do not belong to the group of, let us say, normal people, because all the time they must be careful of what they are doing and what they are wearing. It seems strange, but that is true in one hundred per cent. Famous people must look pretty and beautiful all the time in spite of the fact that majority of us take off elegant clothes after coming back from work. We prefer wearing comfortable clothes to feeling inconvenient in those stylish and trendy ones. It is, however, worth knowing, that some celebrities are fed up with being trendy and fashionable and more often they wear sporting clothes. They do not have to wear T-shirts and trousers from a designer, because they have a right to be themselves as we do. There is time to be elegant, but there should be also time to relax.


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