Fashion is very often connected only with clothes. We associate such branch with fashion shows during which the most important elements are dresses, T-shirts, trousers, shoes or even hats. Being fashionable and trendy for majority of us means wearing stylish clothes from designers. But fashion has many more meanings about which we should not forget. Probably all of us want to be fashionable, wear fashionable clothes and look fashionably. Let us, then, analyze all of the elements that are included in a fashion branch. Let us forget about stylish clothes for several minutes and let us focus on other crucial things we have to take care of in order to be stylish.

Fashion should be associated also with hairstyle. Each and every period of time can be characterized by various elements including also the most popular hairstyles. For example, some time ago women were wearing long hair, because it was said that those are only men whose hair can be short. Women had to look feminine and hair helped them in achieving such a goal. However, times change and nowadays there are lots of women who are wearing short, but stylish hair. It is even more trendy to wear short hair (in case of women of course). It cannot be said about men wearing long hair – it is rather rare picture since men prefer being masculine.


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Fashion is also connected with the jewelry we are wearing. Stylish rings, watches and necklaces can prove our good sense of style. Jewelry must be suitable for our clothes. Nowadays, gold and silver are the most popular and stylish materials for various kinds of jewelry. We can compare it with the jewelry produced some time ago – each and every necklace, ring or a bracelet was decorated with an amber. Now, ambers are not stylish any more, but who knows, maybe some day they will come back and turn our to be a real best-seller?

It is also important to be careful about the accessories we choose to certain clothes. Accessories, like a purse, a belt or a hair-slide are also seen as important elements of our general look. They can either damage the whole effect or emphasize or beauty and good sense of style. We have to choose them very carefully. Such accessories must be rather delicate in order not to overshadow other crucial elements. Being fashionable is, as it can be seen, not only wearing fashionable clothes. What counts is a totality – not particular elements. We have to combine them in an appropriate way.