A question included in the title of the following article may seem strange for some people. The answer seems to be obvious and not very sophisticated – fashion consists of lots of models, who earn money while taking part in fashion shows for instance. But today we are not going to talk about models, because there are no doubts that they earn a lot of money thanks to fashion. Today, we are going to talk about people who some time ago were only interested in fashion and new trends, but now are not only rich because of it, but the also became famous. And even though there are some opponents of such sort of earning money, those people do not care about their opinion and they want to do what they like and what is beneficial for them. Today we are going to talk about bloggers, who should be very thankful for having a constant connection to the Internet.


Being a blogger was not popular some time ago. Several years ago nobody would even think of becoming a blogger and earning money thanks to writing one’s opinions and share them with the rest of the society. Nevertheless, the time is passing by and lots of norms and standards change. Nowadays, in a TV programs we can watch interviews with bloggers, who are keen on fashion. They share their opinions, ideas and notices with their friends and unknown people, who visit their own sites. Bloggers publish their photographs on which they are presenting fashionable clothes. Those pictures are very creative and imaginative so some of them are really appreciated by the most popular clothes’ designers. Some of the bloggers have even become famous to that extent, that they are sent many invitations for fashion events, like fashion shows or even fashion week (to biggest and one of the most important event in the world of fashion). By giving interviews to television and to various magazines, bloggers earn money, as celebrities do. Day by day, those people become more and more popular and suddenly they become celebrities as well. They are chased after by paparazzi and there are lots of articles devoted to them. While looking at their photographs we would rather think that those are famous actresses or singers, but those are only young people, who are interested in the fashion. Such a situation is another proof that nowadays everyone, who wants to be famous, can become famous. There is just one, crucial condition – you must be shocking and have a good idea to create your image.