Many young boys dream about becoming soldiers in the future. They imagine themselves fighting with the enemies on the desert, running with guns and rifles, shooting the airplanes down and saving the civilians. They are not afraid of being shot and they do not mind working hard in high or low temperatures. They have their patriotic instinct and they know they will do everything to make their dreams come true. Such desires of little boys are visible even when they are sitting in front of the computer and playing games. What kind of games are they playing? Of course the martial ones since it is, for that time, the only way to feel like a real soldier. However, those young males do not know what an exact life of soldier is. Such work requires not only strength, determination, courageousness and fastness. Soldier must sacrifice a lot and in majority of cases he is never rewarded for that. Moreover, soldiers must pay attention to what they eat or even what they wear. For example, the underwear of a soldier in most cases differ from the underwear of an ordinary, average civilian. What are those differences?


Soldiers must have the underwear of the highest quality since they usually do not have time to go shopping regularly. Moreover, they cannot buy the cheapest pairs of socks because the cheaper they are, the more probable is the fact that they will be damaged in a short period of time. Soldiers are exposed to hard physical tasks and missions and their underwear (worn everyday) must be as tough as they are. It cannot be damaged after several push-ups or knee bends. Soldier’s underwear must be also much warmer than the underwear which is worn by us. People working for our country are sometimes forced to work in hard, cold conditions like during winter or when it is raining. They have to take care of themselves in order not to be ill after few such expeditions.


Very often, the underwear of a soldier has special, military colors like green, grey, yellow or brown. Those shades are mixed, but all in all they are ideally composed with the rest of the clothes such as trousers, T-shirts and blouses. It is worth knowing that soldier’s underwear in most cases includes underpants which are rarely worn by ordinary, civilian men. Some of the elements are made of thermic materials to regulate the temperature, skin breathing and the process of sweat production. We have to admit there are no doubts that soldier’s underwear is a little bit different from ours.