Pregnancy is one of the mot important periods in every woman’s and her partner’s lives. Waiting for such a miracle as giving life to another person is absolutely exciting and for some people these nine months are too many since they would like to have their baby much earlier. This is, however, impossible – everyone must wait the same period of time in order to have his dream come true. During pregnancy, many things change. Obviously, the biggest changes can be seen in the minds of parents-to-be, nevertheless there are also some changes that can be visible at first sight (in the case of women of course). Not only do women become more moody and choosy, but their appearance also changes a lot. Woman puts on weight and each day she becomes, saying tenderly, bigger. That is why she has to exchange majority of her clothes to the other, bigger ones. Those changes are connected not only with T-shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses and sweatshirts, but it is also needed to wear different underwear.


Maybe not every woman thinks about underwear before making a decision about having baby, but such details are sometimes very important and we should not forget about them. Underwear which is worn by pregnant woman has to be comfortable. Of course, everything which is worn that time should be convenient, but above all the underwear. Woman has to take care of her breasts, because within several months they will become a source of food for her baby. Brassieres cannot oppress those parts of woman’s body, taking into consideration the fact that during pregnancy they also become a little bigger. Not every woman feeds her child by breasts, but majority of woman do since they are sure that their nourishment is natural and healthy in one hundred per cent.

If we talk about the underwear for pregnant women, it is also significant to wear appropriate panties which have slightly different functions at that time. During pregnancy, panties worn by woman do not only protect intimate places of female’s body, but they are usually much bigger in order to cover the stomach, where a baby is located. Thanks to such panties, baby is warm. Moreover, panties cannot be narrow. Firstly, because it would not be comfortable for mother, and secondly because they could oppress stomach and, what follows, a child. As it can be seen, it is very important to equip woman’s wardrobe with appropriate underwear of proper sizes.